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The PMO (discontinued)

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So what is it? The PMO (Positive Mental Outlook) ring by LØUIE. I’m a pretty positive person and am always trying to spread positive vibes so with this ring I’m attempting to do so.

A new spin on a meaningful ring. White represents positivity, purity and a new beginning.

It can be used as a promise (or engagement ring) to promote a positive future and can also be used for someone who is starting over in life or to represent soberness. The meaning is really up to you. The fact is, we all need a positive mental outlook on life, so why not wear it on your hand and spread the PMO vibes!

These rings are actually more resilient than you'd expect and with some simple maintenance can last a lifetime. Or you can send it back any time for a free spa treatment. This is for life. For free. Receive it back good as new. All you do is pay shipping.

Please see drop down menu for size options.

Material: Cast acrylic

Process: Hand made

Sizes: 4-16

Width: 10mm wide in size 8-16, 8mm wide in size 6-7.5 and slim 5.5 and below.

Note: Due to my busy schedule there is a 4-6 week wait time for this item. Keep in mind, these are hand made by me one by one per order.