• Image of The PMO

So what is it? The PMO (Positive Mental Outlook) ring by LØUIE.

A new spin on a meaningful ring. White represents positivity, purity and a new beginning.

It can be used as a promise (or engagement ring) to promote a positive future and can also be used for someone who is starting over in life or to represent soberness. The meaning is really up to you. The fact is, we all need a positive mental outlook on life, so why not wear it on your hand and spread the PMO vibes!

Please see drop down menu for size options.

Process: Hand made
Material: White Acrylic Resin (also hand made)
Sizes: 6-16
Width: 10mm in size 8-15, 8mm size 6-7.5

Note: Due to the possibility of this sale going big, there may be a 90 day turn around time at max. People who are first in line will get them sooner. 90 days is for the end of the line worst case scenario. Please be patient in this positive movement.

Coming Soon