Clarity (10mm wide and 8mm wide for sizes under 8)

Clarity (10mm wide and 8mm wide for sizes under 8)

Here's a special one I actually created some years ago. Being heavily tattooed it was always on my mind that if I were to get married and wore a ring I wouldn't be able to see the tattoo that resides under it. This goes for any finger really... Best of all if you have a wedding tattoo and still want to wear a ring, this will not only allow you to still see it, it will actually slightly magnify it.

For people who are allergic to metals, you'll be happy to know this ring is moisture resistant and non toxic.

Process: Hand Made

Material: Acrylic

When getting sized please get sized for a wide band.

There are no other customizations offered for this style. There will be a 30-60 day wait for this item depending on schedule when you ordered.