The Money Shot is gone!

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The Money Shot is gone!

This has been one of the most popular rings I’ve done so far... And for good reason. It's the first of its kind, truly; and It's made out of real shredded money. It also glows in the dark. Doesn't get any better or unique than this.

This is the end of this style and won’t be made anymore after this sale.

Note: There can be up to a 90 day wait for this item and sometimes more depending on sales; but I promise I'll be working as fast as i can to get them done as soon as possible. I do email when it ships so please be patient.

These rings are fragile. Treat them like glass. They can't be Beat on. Do not hit it on hard surfaces. No weight lifting with it on. No rock climbing and no fist bumping your friends (hard) while they are wearing metal rings. There is no warranty if you break it unless it’s a materials error (my fault).