Moonrock (Titanium 10MM wide)


  • Image of Moonrock (Titanium 10MM wide)
  • Image of Moonrock (Titanium 10MM wide)

LOOKS LIKE A MOONROCK TO ME... I really enjoy making these rings. There's no other ring out there that actually looks like it was chiseled out of stone. Well unless its actually chiseled out of stone that is. This is my second favorite metal ring i ever produced. The bezel cuts in photo are an add on option and do not come with the ring. You can find the option on my products page.

Light weight and virtually indestructible.

Material: 6AL-4V titanium

Process: Hand Made / Hand detailed rock work.

Finish: Darkened patina with exposed highlights.

When getting sized please get sized for a wide band.

Note: There can be a 60-90 day wait for this item. It can be less but sometimes when there are sales I get a little backed up with. Please be patient, I’ll be working as fast as I can to get orders fulfilled. If you need it sooner for a wedding, just lmk before ordering. I can try and work it out for you.