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Silver Flintstone ( + bonus read details)

$1,250.00 / Coming soon

The little buddy to the Gold Flintstone.

Hand made outer titanium shell , hand ground and darkened, polished highlights with a sterling silver liner. The photo makes the outside look a jet black but it is between black and a dark gray. It is hard to get a photo of but I promise you’ll love it.

This is a very robust ring and I consider it virtually indestructible. It’s def built to last a lifetime.

BONUS: Along with your purchase, you will receive a free carbon fiber ring. I will send this first to make sure you chose the right size. You can then tell me if the finished ring needs any size tweaking to fit perfectly. INTERNATIONAL PAYS ACTUAL SHIPPING OF BONUS RING.

Note: Due to my busy schedule, there can be up to a 90 day wait time for this item. If you need it sooner for a wedding please let me know before purchasing.