$375.00 - $525.00

This is probably one of the most requested rings I have made, and for good reason... It’s totally awesome and is my second favorite wedding band I offer.

Material: (CP2 G3) Commercially pure grade 3 (99.9%) titanium.

Standard finish: Darkened outer (not "BLACK" see photo its a matte gray) with satin semi-polished finish inside. It is basically a dark patina and will scratch over time. That is the idea to “show age”.

Sizes: 8-13.5 in half sizes. (SEE DROP DOWN MENU)

When getting sized please get sized for a wide band.

Note: There can be a 60-90 day wait for this item. It can be less but sometimes when there are sales I get a little backed up. Please be patient, I’ll be working as fast as I can to get orders fulfilled. If you need it sooner for a wedding, just lmk before ordering. I can try and work it out for you.